About Us

thor jewellery is made to be worn by you. 

Just as you choose your clothes and style your hair to express yourself, 

you wear thor as an extension of your memories and values.

The stack of rings on your fingers is a celebration of the small things that make you exactly who you are,

and each necklace you layer tells the story of the people and occasions you hold dear. 

For the women of thor, life is about tiny moments we find in the everyday,

thor jewellery becomes the intricate and delicate layers that give you the freedom to wear yourself.  

thor was founded on a strong mother and daughter bond where jewellery design became something of a love language. From a family of jewellers for over 30 years. 

thor strives to manufacture only the best quality locally and work with family-run workshops across the globe. We only use conflict-free diamonds and natural gemstones.