Collection: Swoon: Alexia Vogel x thor collaboration

Wearable Art: Alexia Vogel x thor collaboration

Swoon ~ a sense of enchantment and captivation

We are excited to share our first collaboration with Alexia Vogel: a Berlin-based South African artist creating lush landscape paintings and prints that emanate with nostalgia, dreaminess, and wanderlust. 

thor Collective was founded out of a passion for creating wearable art that’s as intricate and joyful as the people who wear it. In this luxurious collaboration, a playful artwork in Vogel’s vivid watercolour style is set on an oval bangle creating a piece that feels both classic and exciting and wearable everyday ~ swoon-worthy

Expertly crafted with glossy enamel, sterling silver with yellow-gold plating, and a clip for easy secure closure